The Wild Jumps identify as a punk band. Our original blends of punk, blues, and garage rock serve as the corner stone to our downright wild shows.  Our most consistent review is we are the best show people have seen in a long time.  Our fans connect with our personalities as much as they do our throwback first gen. punk music. We reside in Portland, OR where performing and playing is our priority.  Our music style is upbeat, fun, and uncompromising, all wrapped up and perfectly deep-fried in a defiant, can-do attitude. We aim to have as much fun on stage as our fans do in the crowd, and to keep making original music as awesome as we are. 


Vincent Kicks' music career started with a job in software development.  After realizing his mistake he quit his job, bought an electric guitar, and never looked back.  His pants may be tight, but so are his riffs. 


Allie Riot developed her particular brand of stage presence and vocal talents after realizing she was never going to sing pretty and stopped caring.  The last person to tell her to smile is currently missing and was last seen wandering naked in Wisconsin.

Vitamin R

Genetically engineered as a beer mascot to appeal to the "youth" in 1983, he was found ineffective and abandoned. After a few rough decades, he's finally learned more words than his pre-programmed slogan. He's currently on his way the the corner store and is wondering if you want anything.


After playing a bunch of classical crap Ezra found bread butter and JAM to be more his style. He wrestles dogs during the day and resonate tones at night. Some say he's prince charming, some say he's just a ball of cheese, but the fans know he was born to play beats.

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